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In the more than 30 years I have worked in philanthropy, I have met and worked with some extraordinary individuals -- both donors and organizational leaders. Their words capture best what I do and the impact I have had on their fundraising campaigns and donor relations.  

"Carla Farmer will skillfully guide your organization to meet its advancement goals.  She is experienced, strategic, and effective.  She assisted our small college in dramatically increasing our donor base and exceeding a $40 million campaign total."

Judy R. Rogers, Ph.D., President Emerita, Cottey College


Academic Leader

"As someone who has served in key customer related positions for Texas Instruments for many years, I know something about working with customers. I have always appreciated Carla’s approach and dedication to clients from the PEO Sisterhood. She knows how to make each individual feel special in parallel with addressing the strategic goals of her role with both PEO and Cottey College. Because of Carla's direct efforts, I have given a lot more money to Cottey College than I probably would have otherwise. And am happy about it. It has been a joy to work with Carla." 

Marty Bilek, Customer Relations, Texas Instruments



"We have had the pleasure of working with many philanthropic organizations and learning what it takes for them to succeed. To meet development goals, we’ve found that organizations need leaders who know who to approach and the right messages to convey. Carla Farmer demonstrated that expertise repeatedly in the many years we worked with her as she designed and guided the very successful Cottey College development initiatives.


Carla Farmer was instrumental in positioning Cottey College as a premier women’s college in the Midwest. She has been the creative vision for multiple campaigns and skillfully coordinated the people (students, staff, and alumnae), the messages and the distribution of media outreach - all customized for each audience and demographic.


Carla is one of the rare individuals who not only know how to craft compelling messages, she also thoroughly understands how to effectively use all portals in the social media universe.


Carla Farmer has the vision, professionalism, and experience of a gifted and capable fundraiser. That’s why Proffer Productions recommends her as a partner for philanthropies that want to succeed."

Don Proffer, President, Proffer Production and

 Molly Proffer, Executive Vice President, Proffer Productions


Philanthropic Support Professionals

"I had the opportunity to work with Carla on a number of community projects including several with the Chamber of Commerce and the development and implementation of the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation.  Her organizational skills are outstanding, and she has a vision for each project, the ability to convey that vision and to create buy-in from others."

H. Dean Mann, CEO & Chairman, First Capital Corporation

Community Leader

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